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Nail nipper

New Nail nipper by Suwada

Designed and launched in 2020, we finally introduce this cure nail nipper in Europe!
After a few design awards, selling out for a whole year and being voted as one of the best products to buy in Japan, we are happy to make a small quantity available here.
Suwada nail nipper
Inspired by a simple clothespin, designed and produced in Suwada using both modern and traditional manufacturing methods.
Stainless steel body, sharpened inside and out by hand for a perfect cut.
Your nails will feel great and look fantastic, while avoiding pains.
The nails wont fly about, and it's easy to carry with you during trips.
We used metal injection molding to create this unique structure, and we polished and sharpened them individually by hand to a perfect satin finish.
You can choose from five spring colours to match your ideal gift season!
 The nipper won three design awards and we are delighted to be able to offer it.
Remember that if you opt in to stay informed from Suwada, you receive a 10% discount code automatically. You can use it until the end of the year!
The nail nipper is available in five colours and in two packages, individual or with a leather case. You have access to an afterserve to sharpen the nipper in Suwada if you deem it needs so after 5 - 10 years of use.
Thank you for reading this announcement. We hope you are going to like the simplicity and elegance of Japanese design as well as the craftsmanship that went into producing this marvel!
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