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Damascus Cup - Mirror

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The world's first Damascus cup

Small attention to a precious moment makes it even more special.
This item is for those who wish to elevate their moments and be bold about it.
The bending process often causes cracks and distortions in the material. Only very experienced craftspeople can make it.

Celebrate your special moments

A fluorine coating applied to the surface makes it is safe and secure to drink from.
■  There is no smell of metal, and it does not interfere with the taste of Japanese sake. ■  Hygienic because it has an antibacterial effect.
■  It is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
Use for cold and hot sake. It is a stainless steel material with low thermal conductivity. It doesn't heat up fast like ceramic cup.
A master craftsman with over 35 years of experience polishes every cup. He uses a special process. In this way he reveals the beautiful pattern of Damascus.

This item won an IDS design award.

Three choices

This pattern is called mirror, or Yo-u, is the etched model in its essence. It has however gone through multiple extra steps of polishing to the point of a mirror effect.

There are also two other patterns. 

Etched, or Gin nezu, which is achieved by further working the cups with sand blasting and polishing to create a 3D texture around the cup that follows the waves of the damascus.

Glossy, or Tsuya. It brings out the beauty of the wavelike pattern of damascus steel, with a smooth surface.

Less than 50 are made per year. Please know that every piece is different. The wavelike pattern is unique to each product, and therefore yours will look slightly different to the pictures.

Material: Damascus steel (Kitchen knife grade)

Size: 75ml approx. 

In the box: Suwada Damascus Cup x 1

They all come in a small black gift box for safe keeping. The cups are wrapped inside a red cloth to protect them from the elements. We advise you keep the cloth and keep your cups safe at home. Wash lightly by hand, dry well with a towel, and wrap them in their cloth before storing.

Do not wash in dishwasher.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
I bought this for a gift

I bought this for a birthday gift. It was for a friend who loves everything Japanese and I wanted to buy something special. I was not disappointed. He loved it and used it straight away. A bit more pricey than my taste for gifts. It's handmade in Japan so it makes sense. Very nice craftsmanship, and something you can't find elsewhere easily. You do get what you pay for.

Thank you for your honest review! We're happy it was a great gift experience!

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