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Razor and Brush Gift Set - Black

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Regular price $189.00

A complete shaving kit for a traditional and luxurious personal time!

The set has a stand on which you place a razor, a brush and a bowl.

The set is the minimum one needs for a luxurious shaving experience. You have everything you need in one place and you can easily enjoy your personal time without preparation.

This is ideal for people new to wet shaving, and for those who wish to get back into it after spending time shaving with electric devices. It will offer them a serene and relaxing time.

The tools are quite hefty and give a good feel to your hand when holding them.

The razor is made of chromed brass and black polyester, with a Gillette proglide head (one is included).

Your brush is made of synthetic fibres. They are very soft on the skin and will last for decades.

The stand and the bowl make the set complete. All you need to add is your soap of choice. You may add a bit of cream soap or a piece of hard soap. You can get high quality soaps and aftershaves from Suwada here.

Made in the UK.

In the box:
1 x Stand
1 x Synthetic brush
1 x Razor with a Gillette proglide head
1 x Shaving Bowl

Total Weight:  530g

*Please use replacement blades that are widely available at convenience stores, drugstores and more.

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