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TOKI Cuticle Nipper - Mirror

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Suwada TOKI, mirror polish

A stunning tool, inspired by nature, designed for beauty and precision. 

The design was inspired by the efforts of Niigata prefecture to save the Japanese ibis bird (''Toki'' in Japanese). 

SUWADA, a maker of the world's highest quality nippers, introduces new cuticle nipper based on the revolutionary concept.

Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, is the habitat of the endangered Crested Ibis (Nipponia nippon), also known in Japan as the TOKI. SUWADA took inspiration from the TOKI, borrowing the bird's sleek silhouette in its design of the strikingly original cuticle nipper.

The cuticle nipper is fully hand-crafted from beginning to finish by our expert craftspeople. It has the ultra precision blades that are the signature of all of SUWADA's nippers.

But also immediately apparent is its continuous free-form curve design. Sleek, curved handles fit into the palm snugly, ensuring comfortable use and smooth action. Blades are kept away from table or other surface upon which the nipper rests, whether cutter side is up or down, which helps protect them from damage. These many innovations result in unmatched performance and a truly beautiful tool.

What to know about cuticles

We only remove dead skin from the tip of our nails. The cuticles are different from the eponychium, which is the living skin at the base of your nails and your body needs it to protect itself against foreign particles. Eponychium does sometimes have a dead skin part and we can indeed remove that. 

Start removing your cuticles after a warm shower. Otherwise, soak them in warm water for 3-5 minutes. Check what part looks like it needs care. Any dry skin you had noticed, any long cuticles. 

Gently cut off any parts of the eponychium that are too dry (dead skin). Once you have cleaned it, push it back with a cuticle pusher and clean any cuticles left. Careful not to tear or strain your skin.

Use a dry cloth to dry the fingertips. Moisturize and massage your hand and fingers.


  • Material: High-Carbon Stainless Steel
  • 100% Japanese Steel
  • 100% Made in Japan


  • Length: 11.7 cm
  • Blades: 3.5mm

In the box:

  • One Suwada TOKI Cuticle Nipper
  • Manual for maintenance

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