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Kitchen Knife Sharpening Services

You can bring your knives to the shop near Schuman square.

Before bringing us your knives, please clean them and wrap them in a towel or use a protective material.
We’ll sharpen most Western blades to 20-22 degrees, Japanese blades to 14-15 degrees.
Blade Size Fee in euros (VAT incl.)
Up to 12cm 7,90
12-21cm 9,90
21-30cm 15,90
Tip Reshaping 3,00
Chip removal 5,00
Repairs - Depending on severity To be decided upon inspection
If your knife has been damaged, bring it in!
Repairs include aligning the edge, fixing broken or bent tips and repairing chips in the blade.
Extra work to be determined on the spot with you.
We use a variety of tools to sharpen. Rotating wheels, traditional stones, sand belts and leathers. Depending on the knife, the material of the knife and the rapidity you need them, we agree on a selection of tools to provide the best service for you in the time frame you need.
You can rest assured for the outcome. We offer 100% money back guarantee.
For every knife you purchase from Suwada you get one free sharpening.
Discover more knives here.
Thanks for your trust!
Suwada team
Kitchen Knife sharpening brussels
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