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Japanese Nail Nipper - day to day maintenance

General Care of Japanese nail nippers

Our products are made of high-carbon steel or stainless steel, so they may become rusty when in a humid or wet environment. In order to protect the metal from corrosion, wipe the surface with a soft cloth and apply a thin coating of oil after each use. One drop is usually enough. In addition, putting a little lubricant on the rivet joint will help with the smooth movement.

As with any tool, we should be careful not to drop it on hard surfaces. The blades may become damages if a nail nippers falls on the floor. If this happens, please carefully examine the nail nipper and determine if it is still safe to use. If you think its function has been compromised, contact us immediately to arrange a repair.

The process of repairs is straightforward and it takes 6-12 weeks in total. The total cost should be about 35 euros. The nail nipper is repaired by the same artisans who make it in Suwada and will be examined for all aspects of its function and its aesthetics before we ship it back to your home.

Caution when using

If you touch the blade, you may hurt yourself. They are very sharp.

Please pay great attention when handling the item. Hold them in a sturdy fashion.

Please keep our product inside its case when not in use and away from children. Again, they are very sharp. Please keep them away from children in the same manner that you keep away kitchen knives.

Please do not over grip or use to pry something as this may damage the product permanently.

Please read carefully the general care note about rust. Do not leave the product in damp and humid rooms.

The blades will open widely to cut even deformed nails.

Please pay attention not to touch the blade.

Please do not try to sterilize by steam or do not use thinner or alcohol. Do not put in ovens.


Contact us for aftercare services. Our team will inform you of the fastest and most effective way to send your nail nipper to the Factory and enjoy it again as good as new!

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