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Meet the team

Suwada's Branch office in Brussels quietly opened its doors in 2022. Our shop has already become a destination to discover handmade Japanese gifts, nail care tools and kitchen knives. 

Suwada's Brussels Office is run by a small team of enthusiastic young professionals! They bring an upbeat yet serious vibe to a market that is traditionally older. 

Meet the team:

Mrs Ena

Ena is from a blacksmithing family in Niigata, so she was born and bread into the world of craftsmanship. She loves Suwada's nail nippers and her favourite is the mirror S. She's been working for Suwada for over 6 years!

She moved to Brussels in 2021 and worked for Suwada in three locations, UK, Japan and Belgium.

She has also worked in knife shops and has extensive experience and training from the best people in the industry. Ask her anything.

She loves dogs.

Mrs Yurie

Yurie is from Okinawa, so she always brings a more upbeat image and vibe in the team. She's new to Suwada but loves the handmade products. She is in charge of marketing and communications.

She is the newest member of out team!

Her favourite items are the Santoku 170 and Petit nail nipper.

She loves cats.

Mr George

George is working for Suwada, since 2019!

He loves sharpening knives and he is building three knife collections so that he always has good knives around even on holidays. One in Greece, one in Belgium and one in Japan!

Ask him anything about knives and kitchen items. He can also provide recipes and help you correct your cooking and sharpening techniques. He can cook french, Japanese and Greek dishes.

He loves dogs.

Mr Tatsuki

Our manager in Japan. He takes care of exports, and is the right hand of our General Sales Manager. He visits the offices in London and Brussels a few times a year, and is always up for a good beer! You will definitely see him in any of Suwada's exhibitions.

Wine is his hobby and he now studies for a sommelier certification. He visits vineyards whenever he is in Europe. 

His favourite item is the ebony masterpiece nail nipper.

He loves dogs.

Mr Futa

The man responsible for the smooth flow of parcels from Japan to your door. He is adamant about doing things extremely orderly and on time, so we don't dare bother him when he's focusing on a parcel.

He's the food expert of Suwada. Ask him anything about Japanese food and he will plan a journey for you in Japan.

His favourite items are in the Damascus collection.

He loves dogs.

Mr Jordan

Jordan has been helping Suwada in exhibitions for a while. He is the most analytical person we know, and loves taking in data and turning them into stories. We don't understand how to this day. He is a semi pro racing driver and is a car expert. 

His favourite item is the Knife & Fork Set.

He definitely prefers cats.


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