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Suwada Family Kitchen Knives

Probably the best family kitchen knives out there.
After years of customer requests Suwada has officially launched its first knives series with three knives, a spectacular handle, and a fully stainless steel blade with VG10 core and a warikomi cladding.
Japanese kitchen knives
The knives were studied and developed for more than three years to be the kind of knives set that a family needs, without fluff.
We looked at the needs of young families and young chefs. These knives are for them. Easy to live with, fun to cook with, light as a feather with a sharpness Suwada is known for.
The blade has three layers. It envelops the VG10 core with stainless steel from the sides as well as the spine of the knife. This is a warikomi construction.
We use pakkawood for the handle. It is long, light, and easy to grip. It's easy to find an ideal grip for all hand sizes. 
It's a series that will last for years. It's easy to maintain and sharpen. It will hold it's edge well and it will look fantastic in your kitchen. But most importantly, it will make cooking more fun.
The blade is of excellent quality, with VG10 being an industry standard. Easy to sharpen, excellent edge retention and extremely sharp, to make every chef (pro or not) happy handling them.
Family kitchen knife prep
The goodness though doesn't end with the blades. Keeping true to our tradition of making sharp products that look and feel good in your hand, the handle is something completely new.
It's rectangular near the end of the knife and gently turns into a circular shape toward the blade. The handle is longer than most knives, making it ideal for various grips. It's made of wood micarta, so it wont stain, but it'll keep it's color longer for years. 
Kitchen knives for young chef or young family
You can check them out separately, but let's have a look at some details.
They all have:
  • 3 layers blade with VG10 stainless steel core and stainless cladding
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Hardness HRC 60


  • Blade length: 120mm
  • Handle length: 107mm approx.


  • Blade length: 170mm
  • Handle length: 115mm approx.


  • Blade length: 180mm
  • Handle length: 115mm approx.
Suwada family kitchen knife handle close up
Both the handle and the blade are hand sharpened and polished.
The pakkawood handle goes through more stages of polishing, similar to a mirror polish for stainless steel. This ensures a smooth surface that looks great and handles perfectly.
It ages much slower than natural wood, and it will last for a century. It's water resistant, stain resistant, durable and antibacterial.
This series is for young chefs who prefer to focus on learning their craft, and for young families who prefer to have fun spending time together cooking and eating, rather than maintaining their kitchen tools.
Family kitchen knives that let you focus on food
This series is not for knife collectors, with an interest in the esoteric aspects of sharpening angles, the various bevels, exotic wood handles and a myriad other things.
We took care of the basics, so that you can focus on building fond memories that stay with the family forever.
family kitchen knives let you focus on the family
For young families we recommend the petty and one of the larger knives, the santoku or the gyuto. The set of two will be enough to give you all the liberty to make fantastic meals while having a ton of fun and zero worries.
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