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What you'll discover

Made by real people

Seasoned artisans in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, make these products with focus and meticulous care.

Designed and made in Japan

Designed, prototyped and manufactured in Japan. We promise that most of our products are made in Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan. If not, they're made in Europe.

Fast Shipping

Your order is shipped as soon as possible on the day, or by 3pm the next day. We work with UPS, and in rare cases DHL and Bpost International.


How long until I receive my order?

It takes anywhere between 2-5 days to receive an order, depending on how central your address is. We ship by UPS in Europe and north America which is very fast and we've successfully delivered 100% of our orders on time with them.

For Australia we may need to use Bpost international (EMS) to ship to remote locations.

Click here to track your orders.

Is this the same as Suwada Open Factory in Japan?

Yes, this is Suwada, based in Suwada's new offices in Brussels, Belgium. However, we don't have a factory here. The Brussels' Team is composed of colleagues who worked for years in the factory in Japan.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Simply chat with us by clicking the red button at the bottom right, or send us an email at

Where do you ship?

Everywhere except the UK. For UK orders please visit Suwada London.

Inside the Factory

Watch a short video of the production floor in Suwada, to explore how we work, and how we make your products since 1926.


The Rich Heritage and Timeless Value of Igayaki - Japanese Ceramics

Igayaki ceramics, also known as Iga ware, hold a prestigious place in the world of traditional Japanese pottery. With...

Unveiling the Japanese Folding Knife

In the world of personal tools for men, few objects encapsulate the essence of craftsmanship quite like a folding kni...

Modern Elegance, Timeless Tradition: The Art of Brewing with Uwade Kyusu Teapots

In the heart of Japanese tea culture lies an innovation that marries the traditional with the modern: the Uwade Kyusu, a stainless steel Japanese teapot. 

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