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Kitchen Knife Sharpening Services

Kitchen Knife Sharpening Services now available in our shop in Schuman, near the Berlaymont building!

Limited Promotion until the end of the Year! Available at the end!
Every household knife, sharpened to perfection for a limited time at 7€ (.
We only ask for feedback, and a good review. If you are not 1000% satisfied, you don't pay for the service.
We redo the edge, sharpen, polish the edge to a mirror finish for effortless and smooth cuts.
You can bring your knives to our shop in Brussels.
We can turn them around in 1-3 days, and we will give you a call when they're ready!
Before bringing us your knives, please clean them and wrap them in a towel or use protective material.
We’ll sharpen most Western blades to 22 degrees, Japanese blades to 15 degrees.
The new kitchen knife sharpening service aims to give you the best sharpness, fast and reliably. We work with restaurants and many individual customers since we launched the service in spring 2023.
The knives are sharpened by Georgios, who learnt how to sharpen Japanese kitchen knives during his stay in Japan for two years, working for Suwada Open Factory.
There are a few kitchen knife sharpening services in Belgium. We offer a balance between speed and high quality.
 Size Fee in euros
Western Knife - Up to 15cm 7
Western Knife - Over 15cm 12
Japanese Knife - Up to 15cm 10
Japanese Knife - Over 15cm 15
Single bevel 2 / cm
Repairs - Depending on severity 3 - 15
If your knife has been damaged, pop in! Repairs include aligning the edge, fixing broken or bent tips and repairing chips in the blade.
Extra work to be determined on the spot with you.
We use a variety of tools to sharpen. Rotating wheels, traditional stones, sand belts and leathers. Depending on the knife, the material of the knife and the rapidity you need them, we agree on a selection of tools to provide the best service for you in the time frame you need.
Usually our chef customers are okay with sand belt sharpening for the same day and for western knives. For more premium knives we always recommend a water solution that keeps the blades cool throughout the sharpening processes.
You can rest assured for the outcome, as we offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with the service. It's our commitment to you, to provide the best service possible, fast, reliably and with smile!

For every knife you purchase from Suwada you get one free sharpening.
Discover more knives here.
Thanks for your trust!
Suwada team
Kitchen Knife Sharpening Services
Kitchen knife sharpening service back in the old days. These craftspeople would go outside restaurant and sharpen the knives on wheels that they rotated with their feet. Most of these nomadic craftspeople eventually opened up little shop or workshops. Many times in Japan, they became known artisans as they also launched their own products.
Kitchen Knife sharpening brussels

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