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Handcreams and skin products

You can find a hand cream anywhere. But their prices, thickness and consistencies vary widely. What's the catch?
best skin care made of shea butter

What is a hand cream?

A hand cream is a mixture of oils combined with water. Because oil and water normally don't mix, companies use emulsifiers. There are a few out there ranging from old and natural to more modern synthetic derivatives that do essentially the same thing. In a nutshell, that's a hand cream, with some fragrance.

Who is it for?

If you are prone to dry skin around your hands, then a hand cream is a good friend.
Hands are more exposed to the weather compared to the rest of our skin. We also wash them more regularly, dissolving any natural body oils that had the chance to form.

Getting deeper

The quality of a cream depends on the quality of the oils they use. Think of it this way, if you would put the oil itself on your skin, don't put the cream version of it on you.
Good oils include Shea Butter or Karite, jojoba, almond, olive oil, coconut oil. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that is usually added to the skin and helps with repairing small cracks and maintains elasticity.
Make sure you know your allergies if you have any before you choose a cream. There are also creams for specific skin types.
Suwada sells creams from Institut de Karite Paris, which is producing small batches of quality creams and soaps made using shea butter.
We chose those creams because they are very soft and gentle on the skin, they are easily absorbed and they leave a thin layer of oil on your skin to protect from drying out more. You only need to use a tiny bit every time. One 30 ml tube will last 2-6 weeks depending on use with 5 being the average. We tested them, loved them and agreed to collaborate.
They are wonderful.

Moisture and repair

Moisturizing the skin is important as is having a little oil on the skin to keep that moisture safe. 
You cannot hydrate by using creams. You need to drink water for that. But creams help repair the skin and maintain its elasticity. Most good oils used in creams like these are packed with vitamins and they deliver a good source of nutrients to the skin.

Keep your largest organ healthy

The skin is actually your largest organ. It takes in light and converts it into an initial form of Vitamin D (later processed by your liver and kidneys to make it usable), it protects you from bacteria, viruses, and much more!
To look good, you must hydrate by drinking water, manage your stress, exercise a little and add some good quality creams every now and then to protect and rejuvenate the skin. 
General guidelines work well for general well being.
If you want to try out Suwada, you get a 10% discount by registering on our website. No commitments, it's free, and we don't spam you with emails. 
Just join below and get started!
I hope you found this article interesting, and I wish you have a great day!

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