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Japanese Towel - Suwada Open Factory

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Japanese Hand Woven and Dyed Towel

Japanese towel, or tenugui, is a 100% cotton fabric, plain woven and dyed in a traditional way.

This is a design marking the celebrations of the new open factory by Suwada in 2020. 

The red dye is one of the hardest to make.

This towel is made in Fujioka Dyeing Factory in Niigata prefecture, not too far from Suwada's factory, a place with 260 years of history.

Tenugui was developed centuries ago as a multipurpose cloth in Japan. It is still used in the kitchen as a dishcloth or hand towel, and it has also made its way into more cultural parts of life. It is used as a headband by artisans and martial artists and as a cooling cloth by runners who wet it and wrap it around their neck during the hot season. Lastly it is used as a scarf in Autumn.

It is absorbent, and it dries quickly. Since it was developed centuries ago, it is not recommended for heavy duty dish drying. 

Size: 350 x 880mm

Material: Cotton

Tenugui is hand-dyed.

Due to the characteristics of dyeing, there may be variations in color and pattern bleeding, and color for each product. At the beginning of use, the color may fade or transfer just like with clothes. For the first time, we recommend hand washing with plenty of water. Avoid using bleach.

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