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Soft Nail Nipper

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Handmade, satin finish, with sharp blades that make a clean cut, without straining the nail.

It has an elastomer resin handle, which helps grip it better and easier.

It comes with a metal case for safe storage.

"Soft" refers to its handles. It is a similar model to the Classic Nipper when it comes to the top part around the blades. The rest of the body however is very different.

Made of high-carbon stainless steel, the same material used to fashion custom-made Japanese kitchen knives. These nippers are strong, rustproof, and easy to maintain.

With brushed metal at the top and an easy-to-grab body, this model is perfect if you have dry hands or want to clip a nail more comfortably.

Compared to the Soft Slim nail nipper, this has a thicker handle.

This product received an award in the international competition of "Good Design Awards", held yearly in Tokyo.

What it brings to you:

  • Nail care, because it makes a clean cut rather than squeeze the nail
  • Comfortable manicure at home
  • Beautiful nails


  • Material:
    • [Blade] High-Carbon Stainless Steel
    • [Handle] Elastomer Resin (Spring is partially made of plastic)
  • Forged and made in Japan
  • 100% Japanese steel used in blades


  • Regular version

In the box:

  • One Suwada Soft Nail Nipper
  • One metal case with a soft interior
  • Manual for maintenance

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