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Original Nail Nipper

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If you have never used these before, you are about to have a treat!

Handmade, with sharp curved blades that cut without straining the nail. 

Made of premium high-carbon stainless steel, the same material used to forge custom-made Japanese kitchen knives. They are strong, rustproof, and easy to maintain.

Hand polished to a matt finish by Japanese craftsmen. Suwada's brushed metal has become an industry standard for beauty tools.

The blade opening is between 17 and 20mm, making it useful to safely clean your nails underneath.

The lines on the handles are designed to improve stability, making sure the skin never comes in contact with the blades. 

How to use a nipper like a beauty salon professional

Cut your nails after a bath or a warm shower so that they are softer than usual. Alternatively, soak your fingers or toes in warm water for 5-10 minutes.

Hold the nipper firmly on one hand and decide what shape you want your nails to have. Make small cuts around the nail, without going very close to the skin. Don't cut too much and always allow a little room between the edge of your nail and the soft finger tissue below it, especially near the corners of the nail. Let the corners grow more if you are experiencing ingrown nails.

You won't need to file your nails afterward. The cut is very smooth, thanks to the hard material and the blade alignment.

International design awards

  1. Good Design Award
  2. Design for Asia Award 
  3. IDS Award

What it brings to you:

  • Stylish notes in your interior design
  • Nail care, because it makes a clean cut rather than squeeze the nail
  • No more filing
  • Beautiful, smooth nails
  • Prevent ingrown nails


  • Material: High-Carbon Stainless Steel (Spring is partially made of steel) 
  • Forged and made in Japan
  • 100% Japanese steel used in body


  • Large size length: 12cm
  • Small size length: 10cm

In the box:

  • 1 x Suwada Original Nail Nipper
  • 1 x metal case with a soft interior
  • A manual for maintenance
  • A leather case for safekeeping (Optional)

Note for professionals: If you prefer a metal spring contact us directly.

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